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Re-train for gain?

27 Feb

This blog is about fitness from afar. That is, trying to motivate ourselves to become the fitness-bunnies we once were, despite carrying injuries and living in different countries. Do you think it’s fair to re-interpret this “fitness from afar” as watching others get fit from afar? Or watching others get fit from my couch?

Every weekend my housemate walks in the door covered head to toe in lycra, after a 70km ride, glowing from the effort. Meanwhile, I am sitting on the couch with ice on my knee after walking to the fridge and back. Well, not quite. But having to ice my injury after only a 15 minute “ride” from the supermarket is comparable.

In my head I am the most disciplined, enthusiastic and dedicated of fitness-freaks. In reality, I can “power-walk” for 10minutes without aggravating my knee injury. Sigh. So, what to do? How to stay motivated?

One of my problems is that I have always done exercise for the joy of it. Sad and cliché, I know. I have never exercised when my primary goals were to lose weight or get fit. You might say this is a good thing. But not when you’re injured! This means that because I cannot do strenuous, endorphin-releasing exercise, I do not do exercise at all.  I don’t exercise for my general health and well-being – I do it because I get a kick out of it. It’s like drinking to get drunk – not healthy.

So another part of this “fitness from afar” will be to re-train my brain. Re-wire those hungry, endophin-happy, addiction-fed neurons to neurons that are excited about “the greater good” and “healthy living”. Hmmm…. easier said than done. Ideas, anyone?