27 Feb

Rotoroa Island Today was the very first day that ‘Rotoroa Island’ was open for public visitors. Somehow, some friends and I randomly discovered this on the internet yesterday, and managed to be on the first public trip out there.

The island reminded me of a hike Nissa and I once did around Lake Titicaca, on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Walking around Rotoroa Island wasn’t overly difficult. In fact, the island is so small that we probably walked on every possible track that there is!

Niss, I wanted to tell you, how awesome were our hikes around South America?!

But now I feel great. I feel tired with just the right amount of soreness. The usual sensation that my hip bone is rotting (which I’m told comes from my back injury) isn’t with me tonight. Maybe that’s the trick? Building up the exercise slowly and in enjoyable situations, so as to reinforce positive exercise feelings without further aggravating injuries. Sounds so simple and obvious doesn’t it. (Almost like I stole it from a textbook! I didn’t…) Why haven’t I thought of this before!

I think walking in beautiful surroundings definitely gives you more of an endorphin rush than simply walking on a treadmill. But this isn’t something I can do everyday. I’ll keep you posted with how I my positive attitude fluctuates with my attempts to exercise during my more dreary, mundane, everyday life.



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