The ‘Lack of Motivation’ Monster

21 Feb

I went to a BBQ last night, and ate WAY too much. (Later on, my stomach was on fire, and I lay in bed all night with hot flushes. If this is what menopause is all about then I’m not looking forward to it!)

The conversation turned to exercise and ageing. (Not initiated by me, despite thoughts of this newly created blog lurking in the back of my mind). We remorsed about those days past when a big meal was followed by energetic game of frisbee. When energy was expendable, and not something to be treasured and held onto to.

We sat and ate more dessert.

What is it that makes people lazier over time? Is it hormonal? As you age, does your body just say ‘ok, it’s time to focus on other things now’? Surely it must be that, but maybe it’s a shift in priorities also. I remember just a few years ago, going to the gym was number one on my list of things to do after finishing work. Now I’m (still merely) 26, and already I struggle just to get through my evening routine before I can even contemplate exercise. What hope is there for me in 10 or 30 years time?

Forget my piddly little back injury. Lack Of Motivation (LOM) is my true enemy.

Maybe one day I will summon The Endorphins to fight away the LOM monster..


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