You have to start somewhere…

20 Feb


The most natural of activities. Some people find it kind of boring, but I find it therapeutic. Enforced alone time where you can live inside your own head outside in the open.

Maybe because my ‘exercise threshold’ is so low, I can get a kind of endorphin-like rush simply from walking. Perhaps ‘rush’ is too strong a word though. More like a mild sensation of freedom. My muscles feel like they’re waking up from a long slumber and stretching their toes beneath the end of the blanket.

I definitely don’t get that post-exercise, exhausted happiness, simply from walking. Well, that’s what I thought until yesterday. Perhaps it was a mistake to begin my ‘joint exercise’ regime with such an extensive uphill climb*. But that’s what happens when you don’t plan your journey in advance.

9km, in about 1.5hrs I think. What a snail! Mt Eden (or Maungawhau, if you prefer the Maori word). Tick. Back pain? Mild to unnoticeable. Hips feel a little overstretched but in a good way.

Many joggers passed me on the way, as I attempted to hide my quick breaths from their steady inspirations. Next time, I’ll be right alongside them. haha… sure.

*slight exaggeration.


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